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Originally Posted by TrackRat View Post
New pads must wear into worn rotors so it may take awhile for the pedal to improve assuming you bled them properly and didn't get air in the system. When you pump twice the first pump moves the pads closer to the rotor and the second applies the stopping pressure. When the pads wear in they will already be close to the rotor on the first pump. With new rotors this isn't usually as much of an issue as the pads and rotor are both flat and the pads will stay closer.
aahhhhh, that makes sense, when I was bleeding the four corners I got very little air out after flushing a liter(2 bottles) of fluid in the system. The rotors were bedded in with the stock pads. How long before the pedal feel returns to normal? The brakes feel really good on that "second pump" after bedding them in last night per instructions felt fine.

The only point air could have gotten in the system was when swapping the pads I lowered the fluid(get old fluid out also) a bit so it wouldn't over flow when compressing the cylinder and such. I filled/pressured/flushed after they were swapped.

edit: Only other thing I can think of, pads are a race material, the first brakes heats them, second immediate brake up to temp needed for the task..
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