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Bluetooth Retrofit

Originally Posted by wea View Post
This is a write up of my experiences on installing the bluetooth retrofit. I think this will help anyone considering the bluetooth retrofit on a M3 because many of the post are a little old at this point.

I followed this thread for my basic guidance:

Since many of the parts are superseded and I wanted my local dealer to be responsible for the service and parts ordering. I worked with Andy and Bo at BMW Austin. They were very helpful but they had not done this retrofit before. I did get a 10% BMW CCA off the parts and service but it was still expensive.

Here is what I ordered for my e90 M3 with Technology Pkg with a 05/08 build date:

65-15-9-135-687 Bracket for Telemat
07-11-9-904-019 Hex Nut x4
84-50-6-928-461 Bluetooth Antenna
84-31-6-938-762 Hands Free Telephon
65-13-6-938-657 Loud Speaker
65-20-6-935-024 Back-up Antenna - This part was not needed.
61-31-9-197-759 Switch Unit Roof
84-10-9-206-422 RMFD Telematics Con
TOTAL: $848.89 + Tax = $918.92 - $33 for the unused part

Install was "3 hrs labor". My car went in last Tuesday morning and I didn't see it again until Thursday at mid-day. Seems like the directions BMW provides (see above thread) are not complete and that a Japanese service bulletin has the correct steps to get the retrofit to working. The labor total was $299.

All in, it was $1185 and 2.5 days in the shop. Was it worth it? I would say Yes. This was the only option I didn't have that I considered "must have", so for me it is worth it. Next I will add the iPhone 3G snap in but I'm not sure if I need/want to do the 6FL retrofit to get the audio working.

So far the bluetooth retrofit works flawlessly and I've been very impressed when I'm entering and exiting the car and the conversation seamlessly transfer between the iPhone and the in-car bluetooth. It is also very clear in all conditions and most people don't hear any car noises and assume I'm at the office. That alone is worth it!

Hope this helps anyone considering the retrofit and I really appreciate the effort of the others who documented their experiences here and on the e90post.

Thanks for your write-up. I am looking to do the exact same thing in my 2008 135i. I have been going through the forums and have came up with the same thing as you but was unsure if you needed the TCU (RMFD Cont) as I have the MULF2 in the trunk that has the bluetooth logo on it.

The only question that I have is the switch unit roof for the Assist button that says "SOS" on it. Thanks for documenting this, as many forums do not have the complete list of parts.

I am also in Austin and will be working with BMW of Austin to get this all working once I install the parts. At least I was able to located the E82 installation instructions online.