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Originally Posted by ihyln View Post
I hate to necro old threads but I'm considering a BT retrofit either via mObridge or the OEM retrofit. It's been quite a while since anyone has made any mention so I took it upon myself to do a more current "price check".

From Tischer all the parts (excluding programming and installation) come to about $718 before shipping. The price of the TCU has come down considerably, enough that it may be better to go with the OEM retrofit, what do you guys think?

OEM Catalog
HEX NUT $0.73 $0.58 $0.00 $0.58
OEM Catalog
BRACKET $16.50 $13.20 $0.00 $13.20
OEM Catalog
ANTENNA $24.30 $19.44 $0.00 $19.44
OEM Catalog
MICROPHONE $30.85 $24.68 $0.00 $24.68
OEM Catalog
LOUDSPEAKER $18.95 $15.16 $0.00 $15.16
OEM Catalog
SWITCH UNIT ROOF $341.15 $272.92 $0.00 $272.92
OEM Catalog
RMFD TELEMATICS CONT $403.59 $322.87 $50.00 $372.87
Total: $718.85

mObridge: $849 + shipping
If you are looking for only OEM Bluetooth then you could get an used TCU (try to get a P/N as recent as recent as possible) so no coding will be required. The only new part that you could get is the roof unit, but everything else can be used, for less than half of those prices.