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Originally Posted by doba_s View Post
Question - So in step 7 you need to suck out the old fluid first and then fill it up with the new fluid right ?
You don't have to, but it's a lot quicker if you suck it first; there's A LOT of fluid in there. Otherwise you have to vacuum it out thru one of the calipers, and it takes MUCH longer. Besides, you can suck air with vacuum even with a few millimeters of fluid; safer and quicker to suck it out. But yes, you're not done until you're sucking FRESH fluid thru each caliper. Do it in this order: RR, LR, RF and LF.

And after sucking the old fluid and pouring new one for the first time, start sucking thru a caliper quickly so the new fluid doesn't mix with the old (takes a few minutes). It's an easy job, and only takes a $10 (32oz) bottle. I use Castrol GTLMA Dot 3/4 synthetic fluid (made in Germany ), but track junkies usually use racing fluid, which has a higher boiling point. Hope this helps.

As a comment, if BMW had put the valves on the outside (like many Brembo calipers), it could be done thru the stock 19s in minutes, without even getting dirty. Oh well. It still can be done without lifting the car, but you have to be skinny .