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Originally Posted by M3PO View Post
I never said boost wasn't suited for this car. I said turbos are not. The reason is because of the way that the boost is produced versus something like a centrifugal supercharger.

You what I mean by "small". Something that will spool quickly and not be laggy.

I'm sorry but I disagree and this really makes no sense. By choosing diff turbos (compressors versus wheels/clipped/unclipped/ turbine housings etc) you can tailor something that builds boost low or something that spools and hits full boost @ 4-5k which would be awesome. the comparative argument to a SC is null.

Any day of the week I would take a turbo over SC and again, its coming. I don't wanna clutter up this thread anymore, so props to you guys, but def don't discount turbos, or type posts that say they arent' suited for this car. Any car properly setup for boost will make substantial power either way, but I have been putting turbo cars together for years and there is really no comparo