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Originally Posted by tbuck View Post
You must not be seeing the current trend, because with this spec he is about right. I was seeing even higher from dealers.

GLWS OP! She is gorgeous!
Indeed it is a nice spec and a beautiful car.
I am well aware of the trend, called inflation. stim checks pushing up the prices, insane amount the gov is spending to boost the economy. I might be in the wrong, but once market(economy) starts to correct, many people will lose money in stock causing not as many people to not want to buy items for pleasure. Driving the price down for these cars.
It's not just the "e92 m3" that is going up in price, it's every car out there that's going up in price. Some serious economy inflation we are talking.
Dealers can ask whatever they want because USA is full of people who finance their "can't afford" items.
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