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Originally Posted by Imola.ZHP View Post
Are you kidding me? The first three of those links are for the original x3 (which I am also a fan of to be honest). Only the 4th link was for the second generation x3... While I didn't read it entirely, I only found two complaints while skimming, distaste for RFT's and price. No matter what price am automaker prices a vehicle at, there will always be some cheapskate that thinks its too high...

The following link shows a roundup of the second generation reviews...

While I don't have time to read all of them, I recall reading many at launch that did nothing but praise the new SAV. It was the first "team test" vehicle on Fith Gear (a much better show than Top Gear) and it got excellent scores and remarks...

Top Gear is more entertaining than informative, sure I'll watch it, but I don't take my buying advice from them. I've personally driven 3 different second generation x3's and found them all to be wonderful. My better half has a very nice (and loaded out) CR-V, albeit the last generation, and it's quite smaller inside than the x3. I know this because we drove them back to back this past Sunday. The BMW was the winner in our eyes and that was just the 4cyl. They didnt have any 6cyl's for us to drive. We'll be replacing the CR-V with an m-sport 35i in a few years after we sell an investment property...
The reviews are mixed at best if you read them. Even for the 2nd generation (which is still the same platform with some tweaks) is average.

Really, if you pay $40-50K for a car that is average and has questionable styling, are you really getting your money's worth? Fifth Gear's team test complained about the cheap interior, flimsy plastics and the exterior was boring. Yes, they said the driving experience was good and BMW-like but that was all.
So if you go with Top Gear and Fifth Gear, you have 0 and 0.5 for a score.

Sorry but just because a car has a BMW badge does not make it special. I'd save my money and get a RAV4 before I get an X3 and laugh at the people driving around in square boxes that paid double as much for a shiny badge on their average car. Remember, its a SUV.. the U stands for Utility. This is not a baby that will be garaged and driven for fun - it will get used and beaten. For $50K, the X3 doesn't offer much for the $. Throw in resale value and you'll be spending a lot on very little car.
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