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Originally Posted by Javi335 View Post
My english, you know ... i want to say, no match between two nationals teams, together. RM= 9 BCF=3. 12

Milan 7 - Inter 3 = 10

Liverpool 5 - M.United 3 = 8

Talking about numbers, 400.000.000 of viewers worlwide, and you are the only one in the forum who wathed it?
I ruined it for a bunch of people watching it in a Pub. I walked in looking for Monday Night Football.. and found a game that had been over for the last 5 hours. I exclaimed, "Why are we watching Barca beat RM 5-0 when we could be watching MNF?" They all got pretty upset and I was forced to watch mnf someplace else.

Oh and... this is an American forum. In America, soccer is kinda gay.