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Originally Posted by Iguy View Post
With this in mind, Saddam did a great job controlling all these entities! With a iron fist albeit, but he did have Iraq under control. Now you suggest that we stay because there would be a bloodbath......ok maybe I see your point here.
However, do you see that the rest of the world looks at this scenario not as a "humanitarian" mission, but a greed issue? We attacked a country, cause we were upset that we got hit in NY. How convenient also that there was incorrect information on WMD's. How convenient that there is oil there. Come on mask it all you want, if this happened on your soil, wouldn't you be mad for a very long time? God forbid the US publicly issue a formal apology for the mistake of attacking Iraq. Now you are saying that its protection from Freedom of speech and Democracy, again a political smoke screen.
It's no different than the Soft wood lumber issue and the free trade act......Canada got screwed.....I suggest you read up on that. No this dosen't make me hate Americans, cause i truly believe that the administration in Washington is to blame.
I would not say that Saddam did a great job at all. There were active insurgencies in both the north and the south protected by some extent by the no-fly zones.

There was incorrect information on WMD in great measure because of the actions and inactions of the former Iraqi regime. Saddam was attempting to have it both ways, trying to get the sanctions lifted while maintaining the deterrent he believed WMD provided him against his neighbors.

You speak as though Saddam did not have WMD, he did and used it repeatedly against the Iranians and his own people. You seem to imply that it was only the US that believed Saddam maintained a stockpile of WMD, every intelligence agency in the world did. In large part because Saddam refused to comply with the demands of the applicable UN Security Council resolutions that required the destruction of his stockpiles under the supervision of the UN inspectors. So do I feel we owe anyone an apology, absolutely not.

I will also put this as tactfully as possible but the last thing the US, or any nation, should base its foreign policy decisions on is how it looks to people in other countries.

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