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Originally Posted by MrHarris View Post
I looked at the safety strap. It seems like it has to to touch something? I wouldn't think a strap would rattle?

I'm 95% sure my exhaust is not touching the heatshield, cold or hot. All bolts are tightened... I do know my strap is touching stuff... I guess I'll fiddle with that.

Our cars aren't known to make any weird metallic/rattling sounds under 3k right? Just an exhaust install complication?
I had it with fabspeed X pipe. Started after it heated up and was touching. If it's a metallic buzzing sound, it's definately a high frequency rattle caused by resonance where it's touching.

Put the car up on a lift and go though it again.

You enjoying the Dinan? What's that, your 8th system lol