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Originally Posted by SES_D View Post
I'd have to disagree. Spurs are not a 3-point shooting team. An example of teams that live or die by the three are the Warriors and Knicks. The three was huge in the Spurs getting that 30+pt blow out lead in Game 3 but that's not what their about.

They don't take the three unless they can an open look. Yeah, sometimes you see Gary Neal chucking up these three's but that's just him. Parker always penetrates first, if it's not there he kicks it out....if the three point shooter is open, then they take it.

This is what makes the Spurs dangerous...they can hit the three's but don't win games because of it, and this is also why they have made it this far.

And it's all good to say they are adjusting what happened in game 3? If they've been adjusting nicely no way should they have gotten beat by 30+. Getting beat by 5-10pts is different then a team adjusting nicely and getting blown out by 30.

Exactly. To say the Spurs live and die by the three, one does not know this Spurs team at all.

lol? Obvious gambler right here.
I disagree. Spurs is a jump shooting team, period. They are the best 3 point shooting team in the NBA. Do you know who is leading the series in scoring? Not Tony Parker, not Duncan, and not Manu. It is Danny Green and 95% of his shots are 3 pointers. Gary Neal is practically tied with the points Tony Parker has in the whole series. The only thing keeping the Spurs in all 3 out of 4 game is 3 point shooting.

Dribble penetration and kick out to 3 pointers is still considered as a jump shooting team. Spurs has no post up player. Duncan rarely post up and that guy has been non existent in a few games. He is averaging what? 15 points per game? He even gets outplayed by soft ass Bosh in a game or 2 and Manu is just non existent the whole series.

Also, there is nothing you can adjust to when a team is red hot beyond the 3 pointer. They broke the NBA final in 3 pointers. There is absolutely nothing you can do when the whole team is making 3 pointers. But after game 1 loss, they contained Tony Parker in the paint and the penetration in game 2. Game 4 they contained the 3 pointers.