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It has been well over a handful of years since I did any sort of thorough detail or paint correction on my car. We purchased the car brand new just about 11 years ago and I am rather guilty of not being the best at keeping the paint in it's proper condition.

With things finally slowing down a bit with my schedule, I decided it was about time I got back into the game and rebuild my arsenal to tackle the paint on this rather tired looking Jet Black E46 M3. Coincidently enough, AutoFinesse USA made their introduction to the States. I have been hearing great things about their products on DetailersWorld and it was great knowing that there is now a much more affordable means for us to get a hold of their products.

After exchanging countless emails and PMs with MartinD of AutoFinesse USA, I not only learned a lot about the process of paint correction, but also a good idea of what things I should acquire. What I really appreciated about working with MartinD was that he even recommended certain products that he didn't necessarily sell or is even produced by AutoFinesse. He was very honest, humble, and informative. I got the impression that he cared more about me having the right tools to get my car in the right shape over trying to make every dollar and cent from me.

In the end, I decided to use the following products and protocol:

Wheels . Tires
Auto Finesse Imperial
Auto Finesse Gloss
Adamís APC

Auto Finesse Mercury with MF Applicator
Adamís APC
Adamís In & Out

Sonax Gloss Shampoo with Gilmour Foamaster II
Auto Finesse Citrus
Auto Finesse ObliTARate
Aquartz IronX
Auto Finesse Lather
Uber Clay Bar with ONR
Meguiarís D300 with Meguiarís MF Cutting Pad/Porter Cable 7424
Auto Finesse Rejuvenate with Green Pad/Porter Cable 7424
Auto Finesse Tripple with Blue Pad/Porter Cable 7424
Auto Finesse Tough Coat with Wax Applicator
Auto Finesse Spirit with Wax Applicator
Auto Finesse Finale with MF Towel

Windows . Trim . Exhaust
Auto Finesse Crystal with MF Towel
Auto Finesse Revive with MF Towel
Auto Finesse Mercury with MF Applicator

Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to take photos during the whole paint correction phase. My camera was still getting serviced and cleaned, but I was able to take some snaps after everything was pretty much said and done. I did leave one quarter of the hood unfinished to show some sort of 50/50 shot. Enjoy the photos and let me know what you think!

50/50 : D300 vs. D300 + AF Rejuvenate. Notice how Rejuvenate really brings back a lot of the depth of the Jet Black!

Pretty decent clarity and depth for 11 year old soft Jet Black paint.

Pretty close to showroom clean!

The classic curves of the E46 M3 will never get old!

M3 shameless plug.

Huge rear fender flares. The one thing I miss on the E9X M3.

I personally still think this car does not look it's age!

Being catless, these tips were caked with crud and practically brown. Clearly not a problem for Auto Finesse Mercury!

Auto Finesse Imperial and Gloss make the original wheels look new!

78,000 original miles with a recently installed Evolve Automotive CF Airbox .

I wish there were more clouds to share the potential reflection. Please ignore the not very evident dent on the power bulge, haha.

Evolve Automotive carbon fiber goodness...

Evolve Automotive's creative serial plaque with build numbers!

This thing can suck up small living creatures....

No MAF!!!

Decided to get a little artsy after seeing EAS' thread with the VFE Supercharger Kits.

For the record...that's what an E46 M3 looks like when it's not lowered...HAHAHAHAHA
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