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Originally Posted by Dave IV View Post
It appears someone has an inferiority complex and an anger issue.

First of all the modified exhaust is illegal.

Secondly this "simple-minded dolt' had a 20 year career as a police officer. This "simple-minded dolt" also has a degree in physics and electrical engineering and currently has a second career as a hardware engineering group manager at one of the country's largest defense contractors.

The fact that you believe in the philosophy that loud bikes are safe bikes just goes to show how little you do know. Sound waves travel in a straight line, with the wave widening as it moves from the source. The waves do not magically loop around to the front of the bike. The loud exhaust can only be heard from behind the bike. Reflections of the wave can be heard at other locations. You hear the loud exhaust after the bike passes you, not as it approaches you.

Essentially bikers like to pull the "loud bikes are are bikes" card out to try and not appear to be complete tools.

Oh and about those loud exhaust tickets; it did not cost me a dime to hand them out and you are going to have to do a lot better that call me names to hurt my feelings.

Thirdly, just to fire you up a bit more, this "simple-minded dolt" is currently collecting a generous pension from his police service and a salary from his current employer, who also offers a pension and 401K.

If that makes me a simple-minded dolt I can live with that.
That in itself doesn't make you a simple minded dolt; stating that you wrote up every modified exhaust you encountered makes you simple minded. It's called a lack of discretion. Welcome to the same world as our friend who drives 65 mph in the #1 lane and feels he has every right to be there regardless of how many people pile up behind him. I'm also glad to hear you got a job with a defense contractor. Nothing like working for a company that makes money no matter how inefficiently they operate. Perhaps you'll go to work for a cigarette company next.

I don't have an inferiority complex. I understand that I'm inferior to many people. I just don't feel inferior to the simple minded dolts that make up a large percentage of our law enforcement community. Why don't you try to redeem yourself and tell us what percentage you believe shouldn't be carrying a badge? It's a rare department that doesn't have a percentage that would shock the average person.

I'm no amateur in the field of acoustics. I've been presenting the results of acoustic resonance calculations and showing the empirical evidence of same within the nuclear industry for years. As you should know, low frequency sound waves, like the exhaust beats from a low reving twin cylinder engine like a Harley, DON'T TRAVEL IN STRAIGHT LINES. Do you think they shoot out of the rear of the bike like a gun? They do "magically loop around to the front of the bike", if you want to put it that way. You'd have an argument if a Harley had 8 cylinders and revved to 8k rpm, but it wouldn't be a good one.

Care to impress us some more with your knowledge and history in law enforcement?

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