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Originally Posted by serranot View Post
There is "prevalent logic" by Harley riders who like loud pipes; those same bikers will tell you that it's dangerous to wear a helmet because there is "prevalent logic" that a helmet strap will kill you. In reality, they want to ride a loud bike without a helmet and rationalize it. Let's not confuse herd mentality with actual facts, and there is no evidence that loud pipes save lives, at least not by any unbiased party.

I personally believe that people can and should do whatever they want. I really don't care--up to the point when it affects me. And if I'm sleeping in on some Saturday morning when some DB with a modded M3 exhaust or some Harley rider with straight pipes goes for a cold start, it affects me. Clearly, LED rings, coil overs, CF goodies, etc, make no difference to me, so enjoy. But your "right" to enjoy a loud engine, make more power, whatever other justification you invent to rationalize your "right" ends when it impacts me.

So, do what you want, but save your moral indignation for the times when (1) you're not breaking the law, technically or otherwise; and (2) you're not affecting others' right to enjoy their space. Obviously, some people are unreasonable in what offends them, which is why we have noise ordinances that establish an objective standard. If you meet those rules, then I have no complaints.

And yes, I ride.
Very well written, but I think it is difficult to argue that waking Mrs. Minivandriver from her texting stuper is not a safer condition than humming up quietly beside her. I'm no fan of obnoxious Harley riders; no amount of noise will save many of them from their own stupidity; I just get upset at the types that lump all loud pipes into the same category as the dolt that revs his loud engine on Sunday morning in a residential neighborhood.

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