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Originally Posted by SehrSchnell View Post
Dude, congrats! Since you are in that price range already, do you consider anything else? Aston? SLS?
thanks, man

asking here, for opinions of fellow car enthusiasts.

no, it isnt replacing the M or anything - so we are looking for something heavy and coushy for my family.

We don't need another "sports car" - it has to be comfortable enough to get my grandfather around in (all our cars are failing). And yet, okay enough for a lady to drive during the rest of the year (he is only here for three months). And a little fun for me on the the Speed has a much nicer stance, and the dealer has a one in the color/options we want (more or less).

We went to see a Maybach 57; he loved it for his purpose, but its too unreasonable for all of us to drive once he leaves - plus it is not even a true five seater.

Aston's are too low and uncomfortable - tried the rapide, no way (loved it though).

S-class is great as usual, we are fans.

Rolls is too ostentatious, even the speed is to an extent, but ...less so.

Anyways, going to have the family talk this weekend...and see if its worth it for us

I could post a pick of the one we have chosen if it is of interest to you...

thanks again
Jet Black E92 M3

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