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Originally Posted by exdos View Post

As for the mods to my MC that can be carried over: it seems to me that I've been unknowingly working in parallel to BMW and some of my mods have also been incorporated into later BMW's M car air intake designs. For example, the scoop in my MC's bumper is called a "brake duct" and is a straight-through funnel with a snorkel into it from the air-filter box. I discovered by taking temperature readings of my brakes, that this duct doesn't actually have any effect on brake cooling, so I decided to make a small blanking plate to almost completely block the back of the duct to make it into a genuine scoop for the air intake. I found that this increased the ram pressure inside the air-intake so that I got the same ram pressure inside my air-filter box at approximately 10mph lower than when OEM without the blanking.
So you plugged a leak in your intake system and made your ram-effect more efficient...that's what I would like to do. Increasing the amount of air that is forced into the box is not going to make as much of a difference if there is a hole in it. It's like filling that tub with two drains(air manifold and the hood vent)...block one and the water will fill up faster, just like it did when you blocked the brake-duct exit.

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