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Originally Posted by coogs08 View Post
Geez...internet tough guy huh? That's what I get for trying to help people out.

I will add an annotation in the video. FWIW I have used a T40 torx everytime I've changed the oil (which as at least 5 times) with no issues.
I'm a real life tough guy first and an internet tough guy in my spare time.

But truly, I do appreciate that you took time to put a video together and outline the process or I wouldn't have used it at all. I've changed my own oil on more than ten cars over the years, so I really only sourced your video for the specific size tools needed for the filter and plugs. That's where you made an error by stating it was a T40 and I made the error by assuming you were correct and not doing more research to confirm.

You happened to catch me while I was still fuming from having to drive back to the dealership for a new bolt after it stripped from the T40, so no hard feelings and no internet punches. My apologies - I'm over it now.

With that said, I think you need to either take down the video or make a correction. I don't think adding an annotation is good enough as some folks may not see it, especially if viewing from a mobile device. It is a Hex/Allen key - doesn't matter if your T40 worked five times - it's not the correct tool for the job, even according to BMW technicians.

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