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Originally Posted by guywithabmw View Post
How do they verify who should qualify for offers like these?
Don't know but I used to get offers from MB and Lexus as well--the MB offer was $100 but seemed hokey, it did not have a verification form like the legit offers always do. I did not want a redo of the Touraeg rip-off test drive. I drove a V6 and V8 and when we got back to the dealership the kid goes, "Oh, by the way, we're all out of Bourne tickets." Jaguar was legit with a free Odyssey White Ice putter (and I didn't have to drive the car), Mazda gave me $50 years ago, Nissan was never ending with Swiss Army Watches and Kenneth Cole laptop bags (back when people used laptops).

But truth be told we could get an A6 if my wife likes it, the next car is her choice. It's a car I actually like--it's way better looking than a 5 Series...