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Originally Posted by llis View Post
Okay, I confess! I got 6MT because I'm cheap. It was either this or a '07 Subaru Forrester.
I cant tell if you are being sarcastic or not. But i will treat it as sarcastic.

My point is this : Getting manual or DCT is not something that should be picked with long term expenses in mind. you are spending a lot of money on this car. get it the way you want it. It simply a different class of person who buys a M3 over a mustang GT (for the most part). Yes parts on this car are expensive, keep your warranty and extend it. once its up trade it for something new or be prepared to cover repairs. There is nothing more to say!

And if you buy a used M3 with a lot of miles, and cannot afford repairs. simply do not buy a m3... Live within your means. This car is much more than a transmission also. Yes a manual will be less money to repair with long term ownership, but it what about everything else? that engine is not cheap...