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Originally Posted by GOLFFRR View Post
I had a tool in a red Cali sunday on the 101 trying to race me. He kept coming up to me and revving his motor. I just waved at him and gave him no attention. He floored it and took off didn't seem to jaw dropping quick to me but i am not an expert. It was a big car and it was also a nice sounding/good looking car
Wait!? Does he have a short hair, prolly late 30's ~ early 40's? I ran into Red Ferrari Califonia around Calabasa to Westlake area and to be honest, that car wasn't that fast at all. I was going 70~75, saw Red Ferrari in my rearview, He was riding my ass from Calabasas for good 4~5 miles. I moved over then I rode his ass for good 2 miles @ 130~140mph Car is sick and sounded amazing but really isn't that fast.