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Originally Posted by thebmw View Post
... As others have stated, the GT3 is a better car overall.
Overall means that you consider everything, including practicality (back seat, and trunk) comfort, fun, etc. in addition to performance and price. The GT3 while being immensely fun to drive, is not so fun for every day driving, is very limited in practicality and comfort, and is pretty pricey too.

Originally Posted by thebmw View Post
M3 is great, just not the best.
What is the best is subjective. If you weigh performance more than anything else, then for 400hp you want the GTR. It's not as practical, nor comfortable, nor even as fun to drive as the M3. But if that's all that matters than get the GTR. Or if money doesn't matter than the Veyron is the best car. If practicality is all that matters than a truck is best. To us here on the M3post forum, considering all the factors that are important for us and for the price, the M3 is the best. And the folks that write magazine articles about cars feel the same way.


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