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Originally Posted by graider View Post
looks like you still doesn't get the point of the article. you must not forget that the best car doesn't mean it has to be the fastest or most expensive. It is the overall package for a given price. just like choosing a don't want the hottest one but act like a complete b1tch for life, do you?
I completely agree with your analogy and I do very much get the point of the article. The M3 is simply not the best overall car IMO. As others have stated, the GT3 is a better car overall. I highly doubt C&D was factoring in if rear car seats will fit (which, incidentally, is why I have a 335 coupe and not a Porsche or S5). If they were, they definitely didn't state it (correct me if I'm wrong).

Everyone knows C&D is drunk on BMW kool aid and it shows with this article. M3 is great, just not the best.