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Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
I could get on board with more regulation in regards to registration, licensing, etc... IF i trusted the government. I don't think you trust the government fiscally and neither do i. I also don't trust them to act rationally with regards to the preservation of my rights weather related to guns or otherwise.
I dont trust the government fiscally. When I see them do things that I think are self-destructive, or very damaging in a long-term view, I dont think they are being done to intentionally bring the country down, I think they are being done because the folks in charge incorrectly believe they are doing good instead of harm.

I'm a big fan of the statement "Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by incompetance".
Has my personal life experience led me to believe that someone trying to help may end up harming me ? Sadly, yes.
Do I think harming me is their intended goal? No.

That's the difference between cynical and paranoid. The NRA comes across as the latter to a lot of people.

When I have to deal with someone causing me harm, I find it's MUCH easier to achieve progress if I approach them with the tone of someone who is seeking to correct their well-intentioned, yet misinformed opinions, rather than someone who is aggressively seeking to crush their subversive, intentionally malicious attack.