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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
True. The NRA list contains those who are "in opposition with NRA goals", how about I put it that way. That list has 141 entries, but it's not companies, it's organizations. Each organization has thousands of members who are involved in different entities and companies.

If it's really about reasonable interpretations of constitutional rights, I wonder why it's so hard to find a bigger list of entities who are friendly to the cause?? Or, to put it another way, why is it so easy to compile such a wide-ranging list of entities who are unfriendly to your cause?

That seems like the kind of battle that would easily enjoy a majority of support, especially among the educated, analytic professionals who are disproportionately represented in their list.
Most don't like the NRA because they take a hard stance when it comes to the erosion of the 2nd amendment rights. Be it for the contributions the weapons makers give them or because that's what their members want. That's the stance they take. On one hand i fully agree that my rights should not be infringed upon in any way shape or form because of a very few who abuse those rights. On the other hand i want to give a little to save a lot. But this may be what anti-gun politicians want. This no give stance is why some don't like them and why they don't like some.

I personally don't think that the list of pro-gun people, companies and organizations would be that small. It would however be difficult to compile. Just like with gay and straight people. Many companies proclaim to be pro gay or gay friendly. But you don't see companies shouting that they are pro-straight. This is because they would be perceived to be anti-gay. It seems that your opinion and many like yours view anyone who is pro-gun to be anti-peace. Clearly this isn't the case.

Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
Yes, and fortunately the list of entities there is much more limited, so I can still avoid them as a practical matter, and conduct my life.

The NRA list is so encompassing it would be hard to find someone who has no association with the list if you want to avail yourself of the services of any lawyer, or doctor, or nurse, or pastor/priest/religious leader, or even police officer. Hell, even the American Firearms Association is on their list. I'm sure it's because they support background checks.

If everyone else is not your friend, what does that say ? Everyone is marching out of step but my son John.
I hope that the rest of the world doesn't make the same assumptions you make based on limited sample of information. Sadly, many of the sheeple eat up anything the media and politicians tell them.

I see things differently. I know many pastors, from multiple churches, who shoot for sport and hunt regularly. I have 3 Dr. friends who own and shoot regularly. Nearly all my manufacture sales reps have firearms and shoot regularly. My insurance agent, the contractors i deal with, my bankers, my financial advisor, my dentist, my real estate agent, my landscaper, my auto mechanic, the guy that owns the performance shop i get tires and parts from, even my pool cleaner all own and shoot firearms for sport or hunting. My personally attorney, everyone in his firm and many of the firms in town sponsor sporting clay charity events rather than golf events.

On a side note, my family has long been involved with fund raising for a few different charities. My mother has been a part of several golf fundraisers and the very first sporting clay fund raiser she did garnered 6x that of her best golf event. One because there was a HUGE turn out, two because the owner of the sporting clay facility donated 100% of the facility use. Not once has a golf course offered to do this. Read into that what you will be i see this kind of generosity among shooters every time i encounter them.

Back on point, in my real world i am surrounded by people who own firearms for sport or hunting and protection. This was not by design either. I've done business with many of these people, attended their church, procured their services well before i knew of their love for shooting. In fact, the majority of the people i know, interact with, buy stuff from, sell stuff to, ect... own guns. Maybe if pro-gun people weren't perceived as gun crazed, trouble making, war mongers, more people might be more vocal about it. I'm not sure though....I think that a more feasible reason is because the type of people who own firearms simply don't feel the need to have everyone be the same as them. IE... they don't need to force other people to do things they don't want to or keep people from doing what they want in order to make them feel ok. If you don't want guns, that's fine. But don't think that because you don't want guns, i can't have them.
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