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Originally Posted by MPoweredAuto View Post
Thank you all again for your comments, despite most being negative towards my character. To answer your questions, the shop car was ONLY driven by me, the 100% owner/boss for 4+ years. We called it the shop M3 to showcase it.
I was NOT in any way forced to sell my business, and in fact am still affiliated in a large way with the shop and am an employee there.

The business relationship between mysel / IMW, and Active Autowerke has been mortally severed. The reason I didnt push the case harder 15 months ago was because I was convinced by an OWNER at AA that it wasn't their fault. I found out more recently however that I wasn't the only failed e9x M3 equipped with the AA s/c kit.

There have been great lengths taken in this case to disprove my facts and "theories", but all I asked for was help in this case and I was denied.

AA gave me a PARTIAL refund of my money, only due to me begging their old sales manager, who in turn had to plead with the owners to get it approved. It was no walk in the park. They escaped with minimal damage then, where I was left with the full weight on my shoulders.

I can take harsh words said about me all day long, for I know in the end of all this chaos there is light. The light there is truth. Bad mouth me all you want, all that does is make me dig harder and deeper at the truth.

Thank you all who actually see reason and truth begin my stance.
You forgot this:

* So where did all this information about other failed M3s come from?
* Whose cars were they and what was done to them?
* What 'failed'? Rod? Valves? Kanooter Valve?
* If "this isn't intended to flame, but rather inform" - why stop informing us now?
* What's your plans in South Florida? Opening another shop?
* Anything you can comment on to bring light to the mileage discrepancies?

These are all pretty important to legitimizing your *motive* since the cause of failure is still inconclusive.

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