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Originally Posted by Mason3 View Post
The OP asked in no uncertain terms if they have had ANY failures of motors with AA kits or tunes on their cars for ANY reason, even if AA has determined that it wasn't CAUSED by them. To date I don't think AA has answered this. I think this is important because it calls into question the law of averages
I love quoting myself...

Originally Posted by mattgold View Post
They did answer it publicity in post 267:
Originally Posted by Andrew@ActiveAutowerke View Post
To answer your question the answer is no. We have not had any engine failures caused by our supercharger.

- Your ecu data suggests your over rev happened at 26,183 miles. We installed your supercharger at 24,345miles.

I wish you the best Jordan and I hope everything works out for you.

As for other 'failures', it seems implied the YouTube video of Bobby Rahal competing at Sebring in GT2 (ALMS?) competition in March of 2009 was running an AA kit - not sure that's the case.

Then there are two pictures posted of AA cars with MPoweredAuto implying they have had failures with ZERO info backing them up from either side.

I don't want to get too conspiracy theory here... but this happened 15 months ago, it makes me ask "why now?"...

So let's see...

* Jan 6th MPoweredAuto (IMWnc) announced he was selling his shop in NC and moving to South Florida (different forum).
* Jan 17th he started this thread (and others).
* Now it seems MPoweredAuto is getting privy information from inside AA about other failures...

Who is feeding MPoweredAuto this information about AA failures? Did the owners come forward? What's next for Jordan Russ in South Florida? Another shop?

Things just aren't adding up... Could there be ulterior motives at work?

The plot thickens...


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