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Drive train noise

Anybody else experience that humming noise when feathering the gas or lightly hitting the gas at around 2-2500 rpms.. It gets pretty annoying unless u turn the radio up... Well my first 08 m3 I actually had them replace my rear differential under warranty cuz I told them that noise was unacceptable and the car only had 40k in it. Well I gitvthe car back noise was still there oddly enough if got quieter.. Well fast fwd to my next 08 e90 m3 with 105k on it and when I bought it same noise was there so I figured this was all normal. Well since I recrntjy swapped the manual transmission fluid out and put in redline fluid that annoying noise has disassapeared!!! Figured I'd share just in case some of u are experiencing the same drivetrain "hum" that I did