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Originally Posted by Victor.L3IchibanM3 View Post
Hey Guys! Well I'm turning nineteen this coming Tuesday on the 6th. Just wanna noe wat I should do since alot of my friend are tellin me to go to either strip club, happy ending or just party lyke hell at a friend house and get wasted. The thing is that all of those thing are consider sinnin to me since I am a Christian and my family are really devoted to Christian life style. Please let me noe guys
There's nothing wrong with drinking and partying according to a Christian lifestyle. There's nothing wrong with going to the strip club either. I don't think a 19 year old is gonna be having "premarital" relations with a stripper. The human body is an art form, don't lust over it, but appreciate it.

Have you ever seen a vagina before? It's quite a thing of beauty

By the way, happy birthday