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Originally Posted by NordicBob View Post
Thanks ddas

So far the Ventureshild is holding up well, but does show a some scratches made at our brushless car wash as well as bird droppings stains under the bright fluorescent light in our garage. I am not sure how much longer that I will keep it. In retrospect, I should have gone for just the front portion of the hood to be covered. Unfortunately black is a difficult color for clear bra IMO as it shows scratches and stains that our 8 year old silver metallic Infiniti does not. I went for the clear bra due to 2 of my previous cars being riddled by stone chips during freeway repaving and trucks dropping pebbles.
I used to install Ventureshield but stopped due to bugs etching it here in Texas. Suntek and Xpel Ultimate are both self healing.... so bugs do not damage the film and scratches heal themselves when the vehicle is parked in the sun. Ventureshield used to be a good film... but just like with everything else technology advances and new products come out. I prefer Suntek over Xpel mainly for the adhesive and I find Xpel tears easily... but both are excellent films and you would not be having the problems you do had you gone with one of those two films.