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Originally Posted by purp_le28 View Post
Haha, I've been having to do that recently.
i've been around all kinds of computers, a netbook is definitely the best compromise.

for $250, you get:
a real computer will a full windows os
a music player with an 8 hr battery
a video player /dvr (mine lacks hdmi out, though i have an ultrabook for that)
a retro arcade/console jukebox
a mobile office (set up anywhere with wifi or tether)
a cell phone (free calls/texting via google voice)
a camera/videocam

not to mention usb external drives are so cheap now, a virtual file server for $100 more. the dual-atom cpu is pretty good with basic browsing/office tasks. email and messaging forums haven't changed in the past 10 years. i'm also a big radio guy, it's awesome that all my favorite stations are online now.

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