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Originally Posted by img
Originally Posted by SROC5 View Post

always wanted to use that one! the fight was pretty decent and entertaining.

8600 is fun, had it, but removed it since it wasn't so noticeable for me to add that extra tension to the engine.

Now, if someone can increase to 9000 rpms safely, we're talking turkey friends....
8600 is really pushing the limits on stock internals. Rods,Valve Springs,Bearings can not take it !
All you really doing is stretching your peak power " not gaining power " and if you think about it that stretch is delaying you from jumping into the next gear so it works against you ,but.......... You do have an advantage of catching your next gear (upshift) at a higher Rpm, still not worth it IMO, if this is done on a built motor with added components that would let you take advantage of the added Rpm then that would make sense.