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Originally Posted by tmntmn View Post
I didn't use a pressure washer i just use free flowing water, first i covered up my EDC on both ends (only thing that might needed to be covered on our cars) and the spray APC then use a brush rinse with water and then wipe down with a micro fiber towel. Started up the car for a few mins to make sure everything is tried and use CG Black on Black spray.

Step 1 - engine bay has to be completely cold
step 2 - quick rinse down with water
step 3 -APC let it sit for a bit then use a rush
step 4 - rinse with water
step 5 - wipe down as much as you can
step 6 - start engine for 5mins+ to get rid of all the water build up you can't see
step 7 - pick your dressing of choice, i use some CG matte finish dressing and CG Black on Black spray



Thanks for the tips and pictures! I'm assuming the EDC modules are the ones right above the strut towers so i'll take a note to fully seal those. I will post before an after pictures of mine this Friday so you guys can evaluate my job.