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Originally Posted by tma1c View Post
But the guy isnt even complaining about 360 and the haters already posting.
I think your ass needs to do some research before you go out spitting the word hater. I am not a "hater". In fact, I do not hate anyone that walks this earth. I am an individual that paid 360 Forged thousands and thousands of dollars, waited 14+ weeks, and got nothing in return. Their customer service was great prior to receiving my money, but fell through the floor once my credit card was charged. Over the course of months I received no replies to my emails, pm's, and phone calls. I had to call them almost every single day for a week just for them to send pics of the supposedly finished wheels (and they are the ones that mentioned sending pics in the first place). For 10 days I got every excuse in the book for tires...from them being in stock, to no stock, to ordering the sizes for me, for the shipments not coming in, to supplier problems, to their secretary Jess being in the name it. And there are a LOT of people that are in the same boat. In my field of dentistry, if I treated patients/customers in such a manner and/or gave subpar work my license would be suspended and I would have lawsuits left and right. You seriously need to gather all the facts, assess the situation, and then ask yourself if you would feel confident in handing over your money to such a company. Yeah, their wheels are gorgeous, but good looks are only skin deep...their is an ugly monster underneath. Would you rather date a model that is a bitch to you or a decent looking girl that treat's you right? Such is the decision with 360 imho.
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