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Originally Posted by askiles View Post
I did receive a good deal on these, but not to support them. I am posting this of my own accord. I owe no allegiance to 360 Forged, I just think they make an awesome wheel...period. If anyone else made a wheel that I liked better, I would have gotten that. I am not going to let all of you that hate 360 Forged stop me from getting the wheel I want. That would be dumb. So far my experience is awesome with them, so I am sorry for you that had a bad experience. I am sure when I post pictures of them on my car, there will be people who say that it is not my car, and that 360 Forged sent me those pictures, and is paying me to put them up. They could not be more wrong. If in fact 360 Forged does not ship my wheels, or there is a problem, I will post that too. So far everything is perfect though...more than perfect actually. I was ready to pay my deposit the other day, and Miguel told me to take an additional $200 off the wheel/tire package, as he got a better deal on tires than he expected. That is awesome if you ask me.


Wheels look nice! Just ignore some of the idiots on this forum.