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Originally Posted by LM3 View Post
I see that. Perhaps they made an adjustment.

I do believe that with my exhaust there is a tiny bit (not noticeable) more space between the muffler tips and the bottom of the bumper on one side. Since I know that the tips are totally level across, that means my bumper must be ever so slightly off. Could be that's what is going on with the red coupe too -- just to a greater extent.

There also appears to be some lighting issues in that pic with the red coupe that could be contributing to the perceived difference.
I'd agree with this. I just did a screenshot and put some lines from different points and it lines up right. I think it is an optical illusion.

I had to wiggle mine a little bit and adjust the clamps to the connecting pipes to get it perfect. It can be adjusted a small bit, trick is doing it in the right order!

FYI a couple pics to add to the OP's!

The exhaust centers up perfectly (I measure 3 times)! Pic doesn't make you think that though for some reason...