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Originally Posted by NBTBRV8 View Post
Post back on how you go and who you deal with. I have to buy a set in 6 months and was planning on buying from Tirerack.
Well it has been 3 days and there is no response from Luke.

If you get Cody, he will be more than reluctant to sell you tires as he was trying to persuade me not to split the tires as they will end up being more expensive. This is contrary to the response that I've read in this thread.

Because tirerack does not accept CC payments, you have to pay via bankwire which does take a couple of days to clear, you do need to plan your purchase in advance.

Shipping prices have gone up as you all know so please make allowance for that.

I decided to pay more and purchase through my local dealer whom I get my race tyres from.

Your other alternative that is hassle free is to purchase from Vividracing. They allow CC payments and you are able to chat with their sales representative online via their website (US time). Service is excellent. Tyre price was cheaper than tirerack by a few dollars per tyre however the freight was a bombshell.

Because they are willing to undervalue the tyres, you negate the need to split your shipping up (which cost more) as is the case with tirerack.

Hence I would say there is marginal difference in price (few dollars) between your purchase with tirerack or Vividracing.

Nonetheless, by the time the tyres land in Australia, it will still be a few hundred dollars cheaper.

I'd say monitor the news in the Middle East and hope the situation does not boil over. Fedex is quick to revise freight charges depending on oil prices.

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