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Originally Posted by Max_! View Post
Bush is running the US like Balmer is running microsoft.

It's what they've been (poorly) taught to do. They just don't know any better.
Bush and Balmer will continue to blame other people or events for their failures.

If you're a US citizen, you are seriously screwed. I don't see how you can ever dig your nation out of the hole again.
I feel for you regardless of if and how you voted.
We are screwed? Well first let me say we may have some bad tendencies but thankfully we are not on the road of global integration. Look at europe the leaders are just trying to become superpowers and make all the countries as one. The citizens are buying it up thinking it will help. No just makes it easier for those in leadership positions.

Also we are still a huge super power country. its gonna be hard for the next 10 years but America is a country that has shown it can take its shit. Also considering we are such a young country. Shit look at France and whatnot. Bet no one expected them to come back so fast after the war. But that was mostly due in part to us giving them money.

Also, I agree Balmer is stupid. But love you attack Microsoft yet you were saying all I do is attack Apple. Even though I like them and such.

Also just a fact, Microsoft has yet to go out of business like Apple once did. So, pretty sure someone is doing something right.