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I actually find my E90M3 with all the bolt on mods to be Entertaining in the lower gears below 6000 rpm. Where I get bored is when I am in an upper gear line 4, 5 of 6 at low rpm and donít want to bother down shifting. There is little torque multiplication in the upper gears and the relatively low and flat torque curve seems boring and slow to me. The diff is 10% shorter than the F80, but that is not enough to make a huge difference (E39M5 has torque similar to the F80 but only a 3.15 rather than a 3.46). I know the remedy is to downshift but I am often a lazy driver (which is why my next car will be a self shifter ó DCT/PDK/auto). Anyway, try a nicely modded E9xM3 and you will find itís pretty good in 1 through 3 between 2000 and 6000 where much daily driving occurs.