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Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post
Just back home from my BMW dealer and had a oil change with Castrol Edge Professional TWS 10W60 .
And you was right about the clear answers,they know nothing about LL-01 oils and 0W40 or 5W40 ,and i can tell you this is a very good BMW dealer !
BTW...i was asking also about the bearing faillures and they were very surprised to hear the horror stories about this,i had also send them with Email the pics of the bad and used bearings posted on this forum from our S65 engine and the reaction !
This was the first time that they saw something like this,and than they open their database to look about bearing cases here in Belgium ...
The result was.. 0 cases..Puma system the same...0 cases ?!?!
With my BMW dealer are 6 ///M3's and also in maintenance program and there is one with 92,000 KM on the clock and also with o problems....
The bearing problem is now even a bigger mystery to me...
The costs for oil change today in Belgium was...470 Euro's and in USD...mmmm....$ 634 USD

I'm surprised they even divulged the PuMA info to you. That seems like confidential/proprietary data.
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