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looks like you not only one.. I got my car from them last September, drove it for 15k during year and try to trade it in for brand new car and they want to trade my car in for original price - 20k!!!! no one has problem with them making money, but there should be some limits.

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My M3 is on order at EdmBMW. I was originally planning to have it on order for December delivery, but then thought I would just try and wait for an April 1 delivery. I have asked the dealership to order it accordingly.

I can empathize with you on dealer choices. My business had previously been with Bavaria BMW exclusively, but there general sales GM need to get a stat education on customer service. I don't like to dicker around on price and that guy over there wasted my time on so many occasions in dealing with my trade in of my 07 BMW X5 that I decided to leave Bavaria. The dumb thing is that I was trading in my X5 for an e92 M3, and planning on buying an 09 328xi for my wife and an X3 for my parents. So, in trying to dick me out of $2000 on my trade, he lost 3 sales.

I happened to be dealing with Jorge at Edmonton BMW at the same time, in order to see which dealership was going to give me the best deal on my trade (since its value tanked $40K in 16 months!). Well, lo and behold, Bavaria decided to call Edmonton BMW (IN FRONT OF ME no less) to verify the price that Edmonton BMW was offering.

Long and short, if you want to verify what I am telling you, don't me a disrespectful dick and do it in front of me. Call when I leave. Dipshits. Anyhow, Jorge has been straight forward and upfront, and thus far my dealings with them have been fine. We in fact bought my wife's 328xi yesterday.

Now just the X3 left.

Sorry for thread hijacking there...your comment on the dealerships lit a previously extinguished fuse.