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Originally Posted by ILSMKU View Post
All 4 of mine are wired and it appears Ive burnt up 2 LC2i's.

The LC2i gain is at 10am. At mid way (stock) the red light flashes.
My amp gain, is not even 1/4th the way up.

And it was pretty loud. But over time the bass has just disappeared. When I went outside to check how many wires I had connected, I thought I smelled burnt electronics again... God dammit.
if i remember correctly
when i first started my install i had the gains all the way up on the LC2i
and at minimum on my XD600/1, thinking you normally want the amp gain at minimum, to maximise signal/noise ratio.
but it sounded like shit, sounded like i was overdriving something
when i raised the amp gain and lowered the lc29 gain it sounds normal again