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Originally Posted by swartzentruber View Post
If it means anything, as near as I can tell, Audi is still fully "in bed" with them.
That's actually where some of there issues are. Some Audi owners are having chronic issues with Stasis designed parts (like their exhausts and wheels) on the cars sold with the Stasis packages. Stasis tells the owners to take it up with Audi and Audi tells them the opposite. I've read some really bad (and current) horror stories related to this.

They are also very preoccupied with a rather serious lawsuit at the moment.

I did a lot of research on RS4s because I was planning to get one and the RS4 guys hate them. Their coilovers use Ohlins dampers which seem to only last 20k miles or less before needing rebuilt. The RS4 owners must deal with Stasis and not Ohlins to get them rebuilt. Lots of horror stories here.

So, if you're banking on dealing with Alcon and not Stasis, I'd make sure to do your due diligence because, as I pointed out above, there are numerous examples of such a thing going awry.