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Originally Posted by M3PO View Post
Stasis is having some serious issues right now. I'd think twice about their kit if you care anything about customer service in the future.
Arr, that's a bit of what I was hoping to not hear. I got a bit of that sense on the R32 forum, but they were mostly old posts, and I was hoping it was either isolated disgruntled customers or things had improved. As far as I can tell, StaSis is the only seller of an Alcon kit for the R32, and you can't buy directly from Alcon, so I'm not sure I have a choice going with Alcon. I checked their kit, and compared it to the Alcon Superkit on the Alcon USA website, and it seemed almost identical, so I'm not really sure what, if anything, StaSis is adding to the kit, and where I might need support from them. Nonetheless, it's good feedback. If it means anything, as near as I can tell, Audi is still fully "in bed" with them.
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