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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Ya, ya, ya...

Speaking of bets...Look, this is getting old. You still haven't sent in your $200 to mkoesel, or responded to my PMs. What's your problem? You propose a bet, agree on it, put it in writing, yak around, and then act like nothing's going on. Respond to my most recent PM or contact mkoesel, or shut up.
I guess we should all simply know better than to believe someone with his style and frequency on the board would actually hold true to a bet and a promise. Is it simply so much easier to be the big e-bold, e-confident, e-tough guy rather than to simply be a real man in real life. I say that he send the check to mkoesel, or reply to your pm or he get the BAN. Folks need to have a spine and have it enforced upon them by their community when they dont. I will PM this note to Jason as well so you don't have to.