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What lens do you have now?
What is the budget?

The 55-250 gets great praise from its owners. It's meant to be a relatively sharp and versatile EF-S lens.

It also has more range than the 18-200 at the long end, which serves your goal better of getting further away objects.

The 70-300 IS USM is also a decent lens, with more reach than either while sacrificing the wide end.

That's why I ask what lens you have now. If you have an 18-55 (most likely that's the kit lens you have), than an 18-200 might not make sense since it overlaps so much of the range you already have covered, whereas a 55-250 would perfectly complement your current lens. The 70-300 would give you more range but then you would have nothing from 55-70. That might or might not be a big deal to you. Price also might be a concern which is why your budget is important.

Also if you don't want to change lenses much, the 18-200 is more convenient than an 18-55 and 55-250 combo, while sacrificing 50mm of range.

It's all a compromise and these are the questions you should ask yourself when looking into purchasing a new lens.