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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
Hey Alex. This is about what I did SAE on 91 octane with the VT2, catless x-pipe and Akra slip-on on 91 octane.

Now once I added a couple gallons of VP 100 pump gas to get a mix of ~ 95 octane, I added another 25 RWHP.

I added another 10 RWHP with an 8,600 RPM tune.

This is also with a 96mm pulley.

I'm putting on a 92mm pulley on Monday and on ~ 95 octane, should dyno close to 600 RWHP.

So another 70 RWHP is easily possible with some octane and a pulley, since the VT2 625 have the injector capacity to handle it. The smaller HP kits do not.
Yeah I know gas is a big factor on these cars, I feel a big difference in power when I put 91oct instead of 94oct! But I thought after seeing the VT1 with test pipes on 91oct dynoing more then 500whp at EAS that the 625 with primary cath delete would've dynoed north of 550whp. Anyway, no matter the numbers, the performance of these kits is undeniable! I just wish I'll dyno 500+whp with my VT1-535 with Turner test pipes on 94oct(and some nice northern temperature ), If not I'll have to update my kit to the VT1-550 level!

BTW I can't wait to ear how your car is gonna do with that new set-up!! I think you're a real pioneer!