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Originally Posted by Ronin13 View Post
Can't determine from your original post, but did they admit to changing the DCT fluid even though you told them not to? Which is likely given they symptoms. It sounded like they were trying to say there was a problem they are looking into with BMW on vs. admitting they made a mistake.
Exactly. He started by saying he was concerned there may be a problem with the car. When I asked why my car he admitted he was informed during a telecon with BMW just today that the DCT fluid was different and he remembered an M3 that came in for service over the weekend. When he reviewed the service ticket he discovered the wrong fluid had been used. He asked my SA for more info and the SA also admitted I voiced concern over this very issue. He was very apologetic and said BMW is giving them the wrong info regarding the servicing of the DCT. So for now I guess the dealers will fight this out with BMW.