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Originally Posted by Wolfinwolfsclothing View Post
You realize Porsche has the most titles and most ALMS wins of all time right? Porsche is also the most successful race car manuf. in history. I dont think BMW, Ferrari or Chevy are even close, nor will they ever be. They are much more competitive in ALMS, since 1999 they have 9 first place finishes for the manuf's title. BMW and Ferrari combined havnt had even close to that many 1st place finishes.

The Black Series is awesome looking. Had a chance to see it up close at the US Open and it was very aggressive and looked great IMO.

Originally Posted by rolren View Post
Please enlighten me a bit, should I call you Dr. Mario Theissen?

How did he know it handles better? Did he drive it against the M3 GTS? Is he the well-known Stig, Chris Harris, or someone that I'm not aware of?
Driving the C63 BS back to back with an M3 ZCP with coilovers and swaybars is a better comparison than you can say, eh? Having never seen a Black Series in person, let alone owning one, I don't think your at any disposition to be giving opinions on a comparison between these two cars. You sound like an ignorant M3 fanboy putting down anything that doesnt have an M badge on it. My comparison was between my personal M3 and the Black Series, not a GTS.

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