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Originally Posted by Z K View Post
I have done Thunderhill many times in both the Evo 8/X and the M3.. The Evo 8, I got a 2:11 with Ohlins DFVs and Azenis RT-615 tires, otherwise stock. I was able to get a 2:09.4 over the top turn 5 at Thunderhill in my Evo X with just a off the shelf reflash, HKS street coilovers and Bridgestone RE01R street tires. And I had my spare tire in the trunk and a 160lb passenger. My stock M3, I was able to get a best of 2:17.. which is pretty slow but that's partly to my inexperience in the car. Definitely some time to gain there but no way can I do a 2:09 in the stock M3.

There's definitely a lot of difference in driving technique too. You can get on the throttle super early with an early apex and the car will pull you through. With the Evo X's S-AYC, turn 2 at Thunderhill, you can go WOT through the whole corner and you'll be countersteering while accelerating... a true 4 wheel drift with no speed loss. Very fun! People think you're crazy going sideways while catching up to them at the corner exit.

I think the main difference is in the M3, you have to be very delicate with all your inputs. Be a little off line, brake/accelerate at the wrong times and the car doesn't like it and your lap times reflect that. It's a very serious car. The Evo, you man handle the car. Throw it in, get it a little sideways and then WOT. It's a very different driving experience at the track.
they really are great little cars. I miss that "small car feeling", people who drive one know. the steering is great, and I too used to have 2 long sweeping turns by my old house that I could easily drive sideways through the whole turn at speed. This was a 9, the handling is great.