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PG, you may also want to add that your dyno results were not based off of AA's off the shelf map, but rather a map made for your specific mods. Let's play fair here .

Originally Posted by PencilGeek View Post
I'm sure you've all heard of the fruit of the poison tree. The only dyno charts that I've ever seen to back this up came from AA's competitor. When I asked for detailed explanation of the testing methodology to ensure that it was scientifically valid, a full disclosure article was promised, but never delivered. In the original test, there was a question of clearing adaptation values on some tunes, but not others -- thereby dramatically affecting the results and completely invalidating the tests.

Since then, I've repeatedly asked for people to post their dyno charts to back up these types of claims. I've repeatedly been promised that "so-and-so" has the dyno charts and will post them tomorrow. Well, tomorrow never came, and the only results we've ever seen were posted by a competitor, and I'll bet all of you guys are relying on the fruit of the poison tree for your source of information.

If you look at the DynoDB, it's not uncommon for people on a DynoJet to make maxHP at 7800-8000 RPMs. With that in mind, I just looked at 12 different DynoJet dyno charts from the DynoDB -- all of which developed maxHP at 8000 RPMs or lower. 21% of all DynoJet entries in the DynoDB made maxHP at 8000 or lower. Guess how many of them had AA ECU's in them: ZERO -- that's right, not a single one.

So when you guys say this stuff, where are you getting your information? Are you relying on the data in the DynoDB? No! Are you referring to dyno charts that have been posted? No! Are you eating the fruit from the poison tree? Most likely, yes.

If you want to see a real dyno chart for an AA version 1.0 ECU upgrade, please look at the following: 22hp gain, and no power loss at upper RPMs.
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